Devin Kennedy Talks Inspirations, Influences, and His New Single ‘Happy Yet’

Feb 24th – Multi-talented musician Devin Kennedy is lifting listeners’ spirits with his introspective new song ‘Happy Yet’. The track is an R&B-infused look at the side of internet culture that can lead to unrealistic expectations for our own lives, and how that can weigh on us. Read below to find out what he has to say about his inspirations, influences, and the writing process … Continue reading Devin Kennedy Talks Inspirations, Influences, and His New Single ‘Happy Yet’

Mohawk Bends – Interview

Feb 20th – It’s been a good year for Mohawk Bends so far – the indie rock band just released the powerful new single ‘See What You Do To Me’, and fans everywhere are rocking out to the infectious new song. We were lucky enough to get to interview Mohawk Bends and talk with them about influences, their writing process, and playing music in Austin, … Continue reading Mohawk Bends – Interview

Rändi Fay – Interview

Jan 22nd – Green Bay veterinarian-turned-synth-pop-queen Rändi Fay is no stranger to hard work – her long list of accomplishments proves that – and even as she gears up to release her latest labor of love, an album titled Intuition, she’s not slowing down. Read on to see what Rändi has to say about her newest release, her influences, and a lifetime of loving music! … Continue reading Rändi Fay – Interview

Jenn’s Apartment – Interview

Jan 21st – Last week, Lansing, MI pop-punk rockers Jenn’s Apartment released their newest single ‘Tall Bois’, and this week they’re here to talk with us about their background, their writing process, and what they have planned next for the band! Hello Jenn’s Apartment, and welcome to Alternative Sound! To start, tell us who you all are, where you’re from, your pronouns, and what you … Continue reading Jenn’s Apartment – Interview

Interview with Output 1:1:1

Dec. 11th- Alternative Sound had the chance to talk to Daniel Janvier of the Toronto experimental band Output 1:1:1! Daniel had some great things to say about being a musician, writing songs, and his biggest influences. You can read the whole interview below! Welcome to Alternative Sound! First, tell us who you are, your pronouns, where you’re from, and what you do! My name is … Continue reading Interview with Output 1:1:1