Experimental No-Wave Band New Fries Release Daring New Single

June 19th- Toronto-based no-wave band New Fries released their latest single ‘Arendt/Adler/Pulley Pulley Pulley Pulley’ recently, taken from their upcoming full length album The Idea of Us.

New Fries has been challenging the norm for bands and genres alike, and this new single does not disappoint. The plucky guitar and moody bassline flaunts a captivating aloofness, and the echoing vocals convey a message of defiance and surreality. As always, New Fries has set themselves apart from the crowd with this new release in an undeniably exciting way. 

Following on the heels of their last single, ‘Ploce’, ‘Arendt/Adler/Pulley Pulley Pulley Pulley’ exceeds expectations, and has us counting down the days until their full length is here. You can stream the song on the band’s Bandcamp, and find them on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with everything the band has going on!

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