Letters To Part Talk About New Single ‘Ascian’ And Life As A Progressive Rock Band

May 31st – Based in Orlando, FL, progressive rockers Letters to Part recently released their newest single, ‘Ascian’, which you can listen to above or stream via Spotify

‘Ascian’, which means to have no shadow, is a raw and powerful song, with soaring vocal melodies and intense guitar and drum work. The song takes familiar influences and turns them out into something fresh and gripping, hooking listeners in and keeping them entranced until the very end. ‘Ascian’ comes on the heels of the band’s previous single ‘Imperious’, and plans to be followed by Letters to Part’s next EP, due later this year. 

For fans of the more emotional aspects of rock, and the progressive stylings of bands like Circa Survive, Dance Gavin Dance, and Coheed and Cambria, Letters to Part should be on your radar. To get to know them better, we got to ask the members of the band to answer some questions, and talk about their new single, their influences, and life in a progressive rock band!

First off, tell us your name, pronouns, where you’re from, and a little bit about what you do! 
We are Letters to Part, a 5-piece ambient rock band based out of Florida, originally from Coral Springs, and are located in Orlando. We love writing and recording music, touring, and creating content!
Y’shua Escobedo-Ortiz:
-From: Coral Springs, FL
-Pronouns: He/Him
-Role: Singer and Songwriter for Letters To Part.
Josh Horn:
-From: Holliston, MA
-Pronouns: He/Him
-Role: I started filling in for LTP on rhythm guitar for a few months, being friends with the vocalist. After playing with them and then learning some of their new songs, I joined and have been collaborating with them full time since.
Hunter Gelsen:
-From: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
-Pronouns: He/Him
-Role: I play guitar and like experimenting with different sounds. I joined LTP after meeting Y’shua at a Halloween party and we had a similar vision in the music we wanted to create, so we clicked well right away!
Michael Scotto:
-From: Newton, NJ
-Pronouns: He/Him
-Role: I play bass guitar and do backup vocals for LTP, originally having joined the band in 2012 and leaving in 2014. I loved the direction they took the band after my departure and remained a fervent supporter during that time, jumping at the opportunity to rejoin in 2019.
Dustyn Murphy:
-From: Coral Springs, FL
-Pronouns: He/Him
-Role: Drummer
What made you pursue music? Did you always know you wanted to be a musician?
Y’shua (Vocalist/Songwriter): I started pursuing music randomly to be honest. My parents bought a guitar off QVC network and I shortly just fell in love. After a couple years I started writing my own music. Seeing the therapeutic benefits I decided to stick with it. Fast forward to now and it always feels like I’m following my true path.
Josh (Guitar): Funny enough I made my start from video games like Guitar Hero and Rockband and wanted to take on the challenge of playing a real instrument with my grandfather being fairly skilled at the piano and classically trained. I always dreamed of playing in a band later and touring, so it’s very fulfilling to play with other like-minded individuals, especially my friends.
Hunter (Guitar): I always had an interest in playing drums when I was younger, but my parents never let me get a set because it was too loud. I chose guitar because it was my second choice, and I immediately started learning every song I could. I eventually started writing my own music and was in a bunch of metal/hardcore bands. I tend to play more post rock/ambient stuff these days, and experiment with more unique tones.
Scotto (Bass): I was really into the idea of performance and music as a kid, picked guitar up and dropped it a few times before meeting my step-dad who taught me a handful of classics. After that I taught myself tablature having earlier learned to read music in grade school, and then I went crazy with it. Started playing bass in high school jazz band and realized I liked it as much if not more than guitar.
Dustyn (Drums): I fell in love with music at an early age, with a little push from my friends I ended up leaning towards the drums. I started playing when I was 12/13 by hitting sticks on a practice pad, my friend told me I had rhythm and I should try learning drums and the rest is history. From that day on I knew I wanted to pursue music for the rest of my life.
Who would you say are your biggest influences?
Our biggest musical influences are Colour Revolt, HRVRD, From Indian Lakes,Balance & Composure, and Circa Survive.
What is it like living in Orlando, FL and how has the city influenced your music?
Orlando has a very active and excellent music scene with various different styles of venues.We are quite different than a lot of the other local bands as the main focus here is generally pop-punk, hardcore, and indie-dream pop, so we tend to stand out more at shows (which we love). Our local shows are generally selective tour packages that come through in the progressive rock or post-hardcore genre. So many great artists have made their start and come out of central Florida which inspires us to keep going and branch out to play in new cities.
What does your writing process look like from start to finish?
Our writing process really varies depending on the song. We have songs that werewritten from 1-2 members, then the rest come in and adjust parts, and we have songsthat we’ve written almost start to finish in a jam setting. Generally we map out guitars,then drums, then add tweaks to structure to compliment the vocals and then add bassin to make the track full. Lastly we add vocal harmonies and post-production elementsto bring the song to life.
Speaking of writing, you just put out your new single, ‘Ascian’, last month – congrats on the release! Can you tell us about the song? (What it’s about, what it means to you, anything interesting about the writing process)
Thank you! We’re pretty stoked to have been able to put out another single from ourupcoming EP “Mad’ouk” – The song centers around domestic abuse and neglect.Taken from the view of the spouse: having self realization of a better future. Thewriting process was interesting because I (Y’shua) wanted to create something moredefined as in matured while also more experimental to show our fans diversity whilestill having the LTP core sound.
What do you want people to get out of your music?
We draw from our inspiration to make music that we love and hope that our fans canfind comfort and enjoyment in our songs. Hearing about what our music means to ourfans or that a song resonates with them on a personal level is one of the best feelingsabout being songwriters.
What is the #1 reason why everyone should check out your music?
We blend a lot of different elements from post rock to progressive to alternative to ambient, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We’re constantly evolving our sound and our upcoming EP is quite diverse by even featuring more of our progressive side including some heavier parts to reach some new ground we haven’t touched in the past. If you enjoy listening to albums where each song flows into another without being dull, and want to be encapsulated or get lost in the music you should definitely listen to Letters to Part!

Stay connected with Letters to Part on Spotify, Facebook, and Twitter!

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