Bellsavvy Is Queen Of Our Hearts With New Single ‘Queen Of My Mind’

May 29th – Pop singer/songwriter Bellsavvy recently released her debut single ‘Queen of My Mind’, a hard-hitting anthem for strength and self-love. Showcasing her powerhouse vocals and inspiring message, Bellsavvy proves that despite her newness, she is here to stay. 

Although young, Bellsavvy has already been active in her career, having been on the popular Brazillian TV show “Studio Acesso Girls MTV”, in movies, musicals, and other musical projects – all before officially adopting the moniker ‘Bellsavvy’. She even spent time as a model, before being body-shamed by the industry, which led to the inspiration behind her single ‘Queen of My Mind’. The song describes the struggle of feeling insecure, anxious, and trying to keep up with a world that constantly tries to devalue her, and her journey in feeling strong and confident in her own skin. 

‘Queen of My Mind’ is a radio-ready, intensely catchy ode to self-love, and perfect for anyone who could use a little boost. Bellsavvy reminds us that we are all the queens of our own mind, and to not let anything hold us back. You can stream the song below or on Spotify, and follow Bellsavvy on Facebook and Twitter!

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