Indie Band Moontower Releases Brutally Bittersweet Single ‘Got My Way’

‘Got My Way’ cover art

May 27th – Alt-rock up-and-comer Moontower released a powerfully honest and bittersweet new single ‘Got My Way’ last week. Inspired by the wave of emotions he faced after his mother’s recent heart attack, vocalist and songwriter Jacob Culver penned the track to remind all of us to cherish our loved ones while we can. 

Tempered with remorse and humbleness, ‘Got My Way’ mixes indie sensibilities with modern pop, creating a poignant confessional that leaves listeners feeling introspective, all framed around an undeniably catchy chorus. This new single sees Moontower at their best – vulnerable, contemplative, and speaking from the heart. ‘Got My Way’ offers a perspective on a difficult, universally dealt with issue in a relatable, accessible tone, making for the perfect song to remind us to appreciate our loved ones to the fullest. 

Moontower has outdone themselves with this new track, and we can’t wait to see what else the band has in store as they continue to make waves in the scene. You can stream the full song below or on Spotify, and connect with the band on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with everything they have going on!

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