Shawna Virago Releases Electric Version of Anthemic Ode to Escape ‘Heaven Sent Delinquent’

‘Heaven Sent Delinquent’ Cover Art

May 26th – Folk-punk-rocker and transgender music pioneer Shawna Virago released her latest single last week, an electric version of her acoustic song of the same name ‘Heaven Sent Delinquent’ via Tranimal Records.

The new version of ‘Heaven Sent Delinquent’ paints the single in a slightly more punk light than the acoustic, but the message of hope and perseverance is just as striking as the original. The edginess of the electric guitar and the punchiness of the drums flawlessly emphasize the strength and passion in Virago’s vocals, and bring a new dimension to the track, making for what feels like a brand new song. A seasoned singer-songwriter, Virago has been performing since the ‘90s, so it’s no wonder she is able to craft such engaging, must-hear music for listeners to enjoy.

‘Heaven Sent Delinquent’ is the anthemic ode to rebellion everyone needs in their life. Shawna Virago is poised to awe and inspire in this new version of the song, and once you hear it, you won’t be able to stop listening. You can stream the track below, and find Virago on Spotify, Facebook, and Twitter to stay up to date on everything she has going on!

Cover photo by Sean Dorsey

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