Shade Releases Fiery New Album ‘Combat Rave’

Combat Rave cover art

May 25th – Earlier this month, Hamilton, ON band Shade released their debut record Combat Rave via Sleepless Records. Nearly 40 minutes in total, the full length hardly sounds like a debut for the young indie rockers, boasting tight melodies, dynamic songwriting, and the cohesiveness of a much more experienced group. 

Combat Rave is aptly named, oozing the same fierceness as combat, and the chaotic energy of a rave. The track list drips with angst, spun out on its own guitar riffs, and lands punch after punch, song after song. Shade blends only the best elements from genres like grunge, punk, and indie to create a signature sound that cuts to the core of listeners, a sound that has been harnessed and applied to Combat Rave with surgical precision. Lyrically, the album touches on everyday living, focusing on the universal irritations that people face regularly, and offers this message of solidarity: yeah, me too. 

Although young, Shade is quickly proving themselves to be skilled, passionate musicians. It’s unsurprising, with this much talent, that they’ve written what could be our next favorite album. You can stream the title track below or on Spotify, and connect with the band on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with everything they have going on!

Cover photo by Nate Belgrave

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