Perpetuals Release ‘Passive Witness’ For Film About Earth Day

‘Passive Witness’ cover art

May 24th – Alternative rock band Perpetuals released a moving and introspective new single last month, which will be part of a film about Earth Day. Given the current political landscape on climate change, the song’s melancholic and regretful tones are especially touching. 

Although ‘Passive Witness’ was written with the Earth in mind, its message is universal. A growing cacophony of drums and guitar, as well as crooning, earnest vocals frame a larger story about growing older, losing hope, and an uncertain future. Though bleak, ‘Passive Witness’ is honest, offering a stark warning and wake up call to anyone brave enough to really listen.

Expressive and emotional, Perpetuals proves that there can be beauty even in pain, and reminds us all to cherish the good things we have, and work to preserve what we can for future generations. You can stream the song below, or find the band on Spotify, as well as Facebook and Twitter to keep up with everything they have going on! And even though Earth Day only comes once a year, there are things we can all do to help the Earth everyday. Check out this website for 101 ways you can fight climate change!

Cover photo by Kurt Ammerman

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