Tafari Anthony Dreams Big With New Single ‘Live In A Dream’

‘Live In A Dream’ cover art

May 17th – Toronto-based pop artist Tafari Anthony released his newest single ‘Live In A Dream’ last week, a rebellious tune dedicated to chasing your dreams no matter what setbacks you encounter. 

A powerhouse vocalist, Anthony brings this new song to life with stunning harmony and vocal dynanacism, effortlessly blending the fiercer aspects of the song with his own sleek style. ‘Live In A Dream’ encourages those who are trying to follow their own dreams to persevere, expressing how difficult the process can be, but offers a rebellious optimism for those struggling. As an experienced songwriter and musician, Anthony is no doubt familiar with the obstacles and hardships that often accompany chasing your dreams, making the song feel that much more personal and intentional. 

‘Live In A Dream’ sees Tafari Anthony in his best light, creating meaningful art and inspiring others. You can stream the song below, and find more of his music on Spotify. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with everything he has going on!

Congrats on another great song, Tafari! ❤

Photos courtesy of LPR Agency

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