Dreamy Acoustic Pop From Burwell

‘Can’t Stop’ cover art

May 17th – Singer-songwriter Burwell recently released ‘Can’t Stop’, a melodic acoustic song that will be stuck in your head all summer.

The new single features breathy, sweet vocals from Burwell, floating alongside a plucky acoustic guitar, and is guaranteed to catch your ear. ‘Can’t Stop’ is poetic and introspective, drawing from the universally understood emotion best summed up by her lyrics ‘Are you thinking about me too?’. Warmth and purpose shine through the song as Burwell’s unique sound takes over, bringing depth and a fresh take on the classic love song, as well as a complexity to the acoustic medium. A seasoned songwriter and no stranger to the industry, Burwell has nailed the formula for must-listen-to, and ‘Can’t Stop’ finds her at a raw and beautiful beginning in this new phase of her career.

‘Can’t Stop’ is confessional, exhilarating, and begs to be heard again and again. Apart from this song, Burwell also has a cover of Reliant K’s ‘Be My Escape’ coming out later this month, and a collaboration song called ‘Forever Young’ with Liam Keegan. You can stream the song below or find it on Spotify, and follow Burwell on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with everything she has going on!

Photos by A Girl Named Leney

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