The Brightest Celebrate Ten Years Since First Show With Newly Released ‘Say Anything’

Photo by Mio Monasch

May 15th – It’s been ten years to the day since Pacific Northwest alternative rock band The Brightest played their first show together, and to celebrate the decennial anniversary, they are releasing the song ‘Say Anything’, out everywhere today.

‘Say Anything’ is radio-ready but rock-driven, and calls back to the pop and alternative rock of the mid-2000’s, while bringing a fresh twist to the sound. The dual vocals blend effortlessly across the song and bring to life a new lyrical dimension, such that the song feels like both a conversation and a confessional. Musically, the song is decorated by the bell-like chimes of acoustic guitar work, while the grittier sounds of electric guitar and expressive drums lay a dynamic foundation for the track. 

Taking a look back at the band’s history, it’s hard to believe that this was the first song ever written by The Brightest, as it showcases not only immense talent for melody and arrangement, but also a great passion for their work. The first release since the end of the band’s hiatus, the track sees The Brightest come full-speed into a new phase in their music, in which the band plans to release a self-produced EP in late summer, and make new memories with friends and fans.

‘Say Anything’ is angst from a mature perspective, ready to be cried to and sung along with. Boasting an optimistic message and just a touch of sadness, The Brightest have crafted an excellent song for us to enjoy while we welcome them back to the music scene and see them take on this next chapter. You can stream ‘Say Anything’ below or find it on Spotify, and follow The Brightest on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all of their exciting news! 

Happy release day, The Brightest! ❤

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