Minhee Jones Releases Moving Ode to Self-Medication, ‘6 Feet’

‘6 Feet’ album artwork

May 15th – Rising London-based alt-pop artist Minhee Jones recently released her song ‘6 Feet’, a slow, heartfelt song on the ways we distract ourselves from reality. While the song’s message is timeless, many elements of the song are lifted from our current pandemic, making the song especially poignant in these trying times. 

‘6 Feet’ features soothing musical production, melancholy lyricism, and of course Jones’ celestial vocals, creating a haunting pop ballad that is sure to be stuck in your head long after the 6-foot social distancing is over. An extremely talented musician, Jones is a multi-instrumentalist, and has crafted her sound from a multitude of diverse influences, from classical to punk rock. The result is an exceptionally unique style brimming with charm, character, and the musical savviness of someone beyond her years.

On top of her growing music career, Jones also made history in 2019 when she broke 3 Guinness World Records by playing 51 cities in 7 days. With the help of Fender, Ford and Co-op Food, Jones was able to accomplish this great feat in order to raise money and awareness for Music Venue Trust, which is a British-based charity that improves, organizes and maintains music venues.

Minhee Jones’ single ‘6 Feet’ is a song for the times, and for anyone who feels a little buried under the weight of life. You can stream the song below, or find it on Spotify, and be sure to follow Jones on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with everything she has going on!

Photos courtesy of LPR Agency

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