New Single ‘Green Eyes’ From Milo Gore

‘Green Eyes’ artwork

May 13th – Indie-alternative rockers Milo Gore released a new single, ‘Green Eyes’, via Red Van Records last month. The single is the first from their upcoming full length How Do You Cope While Grieving For The Living?, out everywhere August 20th.

‘Green Eyes’ is an impassioned anthem on the aftermath of love. At first listen, the song is bouncy and upbeat- nothing like the dark and anguished message the lyrics convey. The song cuts quick to the chase and keeps the listener engaged from start to finish, from the dynamic vocal harmonies to the infectious hook and attention-grabbing guitar tone. 

Milo Gore is pulling out all of the stops these days, and their talent is undeniable. ‘Green Eyes’ is sure to convince anyone who gives it a chance that this band has the musical chops and skill to do big things, starting with their upcoming album release. You can follow the band on Facebook and listen to ‘Green Eyes’ on Spotify, or stream it below.

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