UK Band Paradas Set to Release EP June 17th – Stream Lead Single ‘With No Feeling’

After This EP artwork

May 12th – Leeds-based alt rock band Paradas has announced their newest EP, After This, is set to release June 17th via their own record label. The band has already released their first single, ‘With No Feeling’, a heartfelt love song reminiscent of indie and alternative rock giants such as Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, and Death Cab For Cutie. 

‘With No Feeling’, the first single from After This, bodes well for the rest of the EP. Clear-cut and relatable, the song is easily digested by anyone familiar with a love lost and the emotional desperation that comes with it. Paradas easily fuses their gritty rock sound with pop sensibilities and dynamic songwriting, making for the perfect introduction to the band’s next phase. 
Ironically enough, ‘With No Feeling’ pumps us full of emotion. If After This follows suit, you can expect a hard-hitting EP on June 17th. You can follow the band on Facebook and Soundcloud to keep up with the release and stay tuned in to all of the big things coming your way from Paradas!

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