you’ll be fine by Hot Mulligan

March 8th – Pop punk favorites Hot Mulligan released their highly anticipated record, you’ll be fine on March 6th, marking their second full length, and possibly their best work yet.

Known for their crunchy, emo-influenced sound, non-sequitur-esque song titles, and lead singer Nathan Sanville’s distinctive rough vocals, Hot Mulligan doesn’t disappoint on this latest effort. you’ll be fine features the best of what fans have come to love about the band while offering the polish and growth of a group that is not longer guessing at their style, but purposefully creating together. This new record feels familiar, fresh, cohesive, and wonderfully chaotic, all at the same time.

Apart from the signature sound on you’ll be fine, the record also includes stellar lyricism. Hot Mulligan has been putting out tattoo-worthy lyrics for years, but the songs on this record take that to a whole new level. ‘OG Bule Sky’ (Lost the pictures we had / Left you years ago / Missed your funeral / I was hiding back at home) and BCKYRD (Play in the backyard / Where the grass and spiderwebs grow up next to us / Say, what’s your interests / Tell me how you plan to give up on all of them) are particularly heavy-hitters, but the entire album is rife with lyrics that will be stuck in your head for days.

For long-time fans and those just discovering the emotional powerhouse that is Hot Mulligan’s music, this album is a must-hear. Clocking in at barely half an hour, the record is an easy listen, and well worth the time of anyone debating whether or not to give it a chance. you’ll be fine is sure to become a classic in the genre, and confirms what everyone already knew: Hot Mulligan can do no wrong.

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