Maggie Schneider Releases Confessional New Single Featuring Jack Wachtel

March 6th – Atlanta pop-rocker Maggie Schneider has released her newest single ‘For Me It’s You’, featuring Jack Wachtel, a heartfelt confessional dedicated to love unrequited.

‘For Me It’s You’ is the latest in a long list of Schneider’s anthemic, empowering releases, featuring the authenticity and emotional connection that has made her a favorite in the Atlanta scene and beyond. Wachtel adds an exciting dimension to Schneider’s songwriting, and her own immaculate vocal work propels this song to the next level, making it a can’t-miss release for this week.

Whether or not you’re caught in the romantic tangles of your own love life, this confessional new song from Schneider will have you smitten. You can stream the new track below via Spotify, and follow Schneider on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with everything she has going on!

Happy Release Day, Maggie! ❤

Cover photo by Sophie Harris

Photo by Sophie Harris

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