Do It Again. Do It Better. by Chance to Steal: Slick Punk Rock From Seattle

Feb 29th – Seattle, WA punk rockers Chance to Steal are gearing up to release their debut EP Do It Again. Do It Better., which will be out on May 1st, 2020. The record is 6 tracks of passion, heartbreak, and good old fashioned punk ethos, wrapped up in undeniably catchy hooks and guitar riffs.

The title ‘Do It Again. Do It Better.’ originated as a tattoo on a previous drummer’s arm, which would later become the band’s motto. It’s easy to see why Chance to Steal chose this phrase to represent their first EP- each song has been crafted with originality and precision, from the hard-hitting lyrics to the intricate and exciting guitar work. Touching on socially-conscious topics like police brutality and wealth inequality, as well as heartbreak and loss, the EP takes you through modern-day Millenialism, expertly creating an emotional journey that often proves too complex for most artists to attempt on a debut record, let alone ace, as Chance to Steal has done here.

Musically, Do It Again. Do It Better. blends elements of punk, rock, and hardcore into a cohesive and distinct sound. The drums and bass keep time against a gritty arrangement of distorted guitar and vocals, vocals that maneuver between clean and rough styles, never backing down from the intensity that the genre necessitates. The guitar work on this EP particularly stands out, as it contributes infectious solos and lightening-fast riffs without overpowering the songs.

Chance to Steal will be putting themselves on the map with this release. Do It Again. Do It Better. comes loud and rock-out-ready, packed with punk rock, and perfect for your next playlist. The EP won’t be available to stream until May, but you can follow the band on Facebook to keep up with everything they have going on!

Cover photo by Sean Dolstad

Photo by Andrew Repcik

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