American Authors Release Rhythmic New Song ‘Microphone’

Feb 24th – American Authors released their newest single ‘Microphone’ last week via Island Records, a care-free, rhythmic song that will make you grab the nearest microphone and sing along.

The alt pop band, known for songs such as ‘Best Day Of My Life’ and ‘I’m Born To Run’, have stayed true to their optimistic, devil-may-care style, with Microphone boasting lyrics like They say I’m too damn loud / Like boys in London Town / Because I won’t chill out / I like it, like it. Fans of the band and those just now discovering them will be enthralled by the boppy hooks and distinctive sound of ‘Microphone’.

American Authors is just finishing up a tour through the US, but don’t worry if you missed them this time around – the band has a few more dates planned for the Spring of 2020, including dates at the Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival in Richardson, TX. You can listen to the song below, and follow the band on Facebook to see everything they have coming up!

Cover photo courtesy of the Mora May Agency

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