‘The Bridge’ – New Single by America Part Two

Feb 21st – New Jersey Alt Rockers America Part Two released their newest single, ‘The Bridge’ yesterday, an introspective, bittersweet song that shows a slightly more sorrowful side of the band.

What have we done to our lives?’ the lead singer laments. A dynamic song that takes listeners from pensive crooning to a classically emo shouting chorus, ‘The Bridge’ is new emo, it’s adolescence and young adulthood re-imagined (or at least reintroduced). It’s slightly more focused than its earlier counterparts, but no less chaotic and certainly no less passionate. America Part Two captures something authentic and unapologetic in this new song that sits somewhere between the lines of The Maine, Third Eye Blind, and Sunny Day Real Estate.

You can stream ‘The Bridge’ on Spotify and follow the band on Facebook to keep up with everything they have going on! And, if you’re in the US, see if you can catch the band on tour as they embark on a run of shows supporting A Will Away, dates listed below.

Cover photo courtesy of DIMM Entertainment.

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