‘Centerfold’ – New Single by Tafari Anthony

Feb 21st – Toronto-based pop up-and-comer Tafari Anthony has released the irresistible new single titled ‘Centerfold’, a masterpiece in the art of ‘go fuck yourself’.

Soul, R&B, pop, and electronic – these are just some of the styles expertly intertwined in this new song dedicated to the inconsiderate, attention-seeking ex-lover. Not only does the song feature enchanting, near pristine vocals sung by Anthony, the track also drips with radio-ready melodies, and a hook that doesn’t hold back. ‘Centerfold’ lends a new perspective to a familiar story, and will have listeners singing along to the scathing lyrics, ‘you think you’re the Centerfold posted up on my wall / I took it down when your true colors showed’.

Anthony is an accomplished musician, having been awarded the Toronto Independent Music Award, performed alongside acts like MAX, and toured internationally in several different musical groups. ‘Centerfold’ is no doubt just the beginning of Anthony’s career, and we can’t wait to see what he has coming up next. You can stream the song on Spotify or listen below, and follow Tafari Anthony on Facebook to stay up-to-date on everything he has going on!

Cover photo by Elliot J. Tilleczek (@elliotjames.photo).

Photo by Elliot J. Tilleczek

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