‘City of Angels’ – New Single by Ike Kawaguchi

Feb 20th – Based in Los Angeles, Ike Kawaguchi recently released his newest track ‘City of Angels’. An earnest, soulful melting pot of indie, pop, alternative, and hip hop dubbed ’emo funk’, ‘City of Angels’ is bursting with fresh sounds and originality.

Contrary to his background as an accomplished metal guitarist, Kawaguchi seems to have found his place in emo grooviness. Taking inspiration from his own time in LA, the song is a brief excerpt of what life is like in the City of Angels, and offers listeners a genre-defying – or genre-inspiring? – glimpse at the city through Kawaguchi’s mind.

Half-spoken, half-sung, and 100% honest, this is not a song you want to miss out on. ‘City of Angels’ is sure to dominate your playlists for weeks to come, and stay firmly stuck in your head for even longer. You can stream the song on Spotify and follow Ike Kawaguchi on Facebook to keep up with all of his releases!

Cover photo by Michael Melwani

Photo by Parla Maarek

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