Mad – New Single by Izzy Thomas

Feb 18th – London’s very own Izzy Thomas is here with another heartfelt single, titled ‘Mad’, about the emotionally unavailable and love unrequited.

Pensive and deliberate, ‘Mad’ is as catchy as it is honest. ‘I’m mad / You’re so full of shit / ‘cuz you won’t admit that you want me’ Thomas sings, sweeping in and out of soaring vocal lines and sweet crooning. Borrowing sounds from earlier decades of pop while maintaining a distinctive sound, and tapping into a relatable part of single-life, the track is truly an excellent example of the kind of songwriting abilities Thomas possesses, and has earned all of the praise it receives.

As catchy as it is, ‘Mad’ is sure to be stuck in your head for the next weeks. you can stream the single on Spotify, and follow Izzy Thomas on Facebook to keep up with everything she has coming up!

Photos courtesy of LPR Agency.

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