‘Firefly’ – New Single by Rändi Fay

Feb 10th – Alternative Sound veteran Rändi Fay is back with her new song, ‘Firefly’, the third single from her upcoming full length Intuition, out February 20th, and the track is nothing short of magical.

‘Firefly’ is an energetic, fast-paced song with an important message: we should explore our true selves and let ourselves be who we are, instead of giving in to the often shallow and overwhelming nature of modern society. Sonically, the track takes elements from pop, electric, and theater/soundtrack genres, and fits just as easily as a dance song as it does in the climax scene to a musical.

Fay has proven herself to be a master songwriter time and time again, and this new single is no exception. For anyone looking for something a little outside the box, or anyone who needs a little extra boost to their self-confidence, this is the song for you. You can find Fay on Facebook here and stream ‘Firefly’ on Spotify, and keep an ear open for her full length release, Intuition, available everywhere February 20th!

Cover photo by CyclopsGirl

Photo by CyclopsGirl

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