‘Compromise’ – Debut Single by The Reasons

Feb 10th – Reading, PA’s newest indie pop/rock band The Reasons has released their debut single, titled ‘Compromise’, a steady, Arctic Monkeys-esque song that paves the way for the band’s upcoming EP of the same name.

Photo by Anna Azarov

Debut tracks are often a little shaky, as the band struggles to find their sound and writing style, but this is not the case for the three-piece. ‘Compromise’ is a solid, cohesive effort, laden with groovy guitar riffs, and a pop-worthy hook. Rhythmic and playlist-ready, the new single is sure to be a favorite to listeners just discovering the up-and-coming band.

‘Compromise’ is the perfect introduction for The Reasons. As a taste-test for the upcoming EP, the song leaves enough leg room for a genre-dynamic record, and sets listeners up for something remarkable. Stream ‘Compromise’ on Spotify, and keep up with the band via Facebook, and if you’re in the Spring City, PA area on February 28th, be sure to catch the band live at Chaplin’s!

Cover photo by Anna Azarov

Photo by Anna Azarov

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