Zoo – New Album by The Weekend Run Club

Feb 8th – Chicago-based indie pop/rock band The Weekend Run Club released their debut full length Zoo last week, a record full of surprises, pain, and almost-too-honest honesty.

Photo by Miranda Sherman

From start to finish, Zoo is full of ‘oh wow’ moments and ‘put that on replay’ songs. The album starts with the song ‘Always’, a slow-burner that revs up into something unexpectedly passionate, and makes way for the song ‘Beck’, another wildly melodic track.

As the album progresses, the tracks take on more melodrama and intensity, as with ‘Rhode Island’, a personal favorite, and ‘Tired’, a slightly toned-down song with arguably the best guitar work on the whole album. At this point, listeners can be reasonably sure they’re listening to a strong AOTY contender, and will be wondering how they ever got along without this band in their life before now.

The back half of Zoo continues in the same way, with more striking guitar riffs and pop melodies over rock lyrics all the way to the end. ‘Tonight’ is a fast-paced and dynamic song, framed by the emotional chant, ‘will you be home tomorrow?’ Finally, the pseudo-cheerful track ‘Overwhelming’ closes out the effort, the perfect ending to The Weekend Run Club’s first record.

Rife with expertly crafted hooks and dance-inducing rhythms, Zoo is a show-stopper on the indie-pop/rock stage. It’s a record that demands to be listened to again and again, showing a new side of itself every time, and best played in the original track listing. Despite the many Chicago bands making waves in music, The Weekend Run Club has found a way to stand out with this latest release, and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

Stream Zoo on Spotify and follow the band on Facebook to stay up-to-date on everything they have going on, and if you’re in the Chicago area, click here for info on their next show with Ghost Soul Trio and Terra Terra!

Cover photo by Alex Zarek

Photo by Miranda Sherman

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