‘Feel The Same’ – New Single by Candice Lee and KXA

Photo by Nanette Sudler

Feb 7th – Philadelphia-based dance pop / multi-instrumentalist Candice Lee has shared her newest song ‘Feel The Same’ in collaboration with producer KXA, and it’s exactly the song you need to start your weekend off right!

Photo of Candice Lee by Nanette Sudler

‘Feel The Same’ is an infectious pop track with an irresistible beat and a relatable theme. According to Lee, the song is about ‘wondering if you’re on the same page as someone in any type of relationship’, and with lyrics like ‘I’m dying to know but afraid to find out / if we’re on the same page’, the song drips with emotion and conflict. Lee’s sugar-sweet vocals and candid lyricism match the intensity and dance-heavy production of KXA, creating something both refreshingly original, and radio-ready.

‘Feel The Same’ sees both KXA and Lee at their best yet, and we can’t wait to see what other works of art they’re serving up in the future!

You can follow Candice Lee on Facebook here, and Kxa here, and stream ‘Feel The Same’ on Spotify!

Photo of KXA by Nanette Sudler.

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