Apology Note – New Single by Bonsai Trees

Feb 7th – New England rock band Bonsai Trees have released their new single, ‘Apology Note’, as the first in a collection of singles that are scheduled to be released individually by June 1st, in place of a traditional full-length record.

Raw and ready, ‘Apology Note’ drips with emotional desperation and inner turmoil, framed by riffs that could’ve made the B-sides to all your favorite mid-2000’s emo/pop punk records. Lead vocalist and guitarist James MacPherson strikes the perfect balance between pop and aggression, with roughness and artfully messy vocals effortlessly inflected in just the right places, against lyrics that are honest enough to be relatable, and dramatic enough to be singable.

More than just another rock band, Bonsai Trees is serving up your next favorite song, over and over again until June. You can listen to ‘Apology Note’ on Spotify, and follow the band on Facebook to keep up with everything they have coming up. Look out for the next single in the near future, and in the meantime, keep listening along to ‘Apology Note’!

Cover photo by Jason Hess

Photo by Jason Hess

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