White Canyon & the 5th Dimension – Self-Titled Review

Album artwork inspired by Optics, by A.D. Macquin 1820

Feb 2nd – To kick off your February, we’re reviewing Brazilian post-punk shoegaze band White Canyon & the 5th Dimension’s latest release, a self-titled record that will keep you listening well past Groundhog’s Day!

White Canyon & the 5th Dimension’ is the band’s first full length, but you wouldn’t know it from listening – in fact, members Gabriela Zaith and Léo Gudan write with the precision and intent of a much more seasoned group of musicians, making for a debut album that packs quite the artistic punch. Having come together only a year earlier over shared musical influences and a desire to create something unique, White Canyon & the 5th Dimension have effortlessly honed their psychedelic tones on this record into something undeniably alluring in both sound and feeling.

White Canyon & the 5th Dimension’ starts out slow and thoughtful, before revving up into something more exciting and rhythmic, and by the time you get to the last song, ‘Holy Place’, you’re ready to hit ‘repeat’. Haunting, fluid vocals serve to outline the music, in true shoegaze fashion, and the guitar solos and steady drum grooves remain the stars of this record. Dynamic from the beginning to the end, the record takes you through upbeat, bouncy tracks, such as ‘Love Witch’, and then dips to a much more subdued sound, as in the song ‘Surrender’. Fans of the genre are sure to pour over this collection of songs for months to come, and even those unfamiliar with or less-than-fond of the psychedelic post-punk sound are sure to find something to jam to on this exciting new release.

Although the record officially released in September, 2019, an exclusive vinyl pressing is being issued in May, and the band is set to tour Europe later this year, traveling to countries such as France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Spain, and Portugal, with the possibility of a stop in the United Kingdom.

You can listen to the record on Spotify here, and follow the band on Facebook here to keep up with everything they have going on! Happy listening!

Cover image by Juliana Lira

Photo by Juliana Lira

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