‘Sincerely, Philly ‘ – New Record by Stationary Giant

Jan 24th – DIY rockers Stationary Giant released their new 3-song-EP, titled Sincerely, Philly, and it’s everything you could ask for from Midwest emo – from the East Coast.

Full of raw emotion and pounding drums, Sincerely, Philly is Stationary Giant’s first take as a band. Despite the band’s newness and member count of just 2 people, Stationary Giant delivers the power and punk-prowess of a much larger, more experienced crew.

Charlies Robinson (vocals and drums) and Tyler Smerlick (vocals and guitar) take turns recording their respective instruments, but you wouldn’t know it from the cohesiveness of the record. Sincerely, Philly‘s sound takes listeners by storm, gets under their skin and conjures a stereo image of rebellion via crowded basement shows, mosh pits, and PBR. About the record, Robinson says, ‘”Sincerely, Philly,” is our angry love letter to the city of Philadelphia. We both love the city, but are aware of the struggles that come with living here’. This sentiment is reflected throughout the record, but especially on the song ‘Chopper Dave Reporting from I-76. Fucked!’ with lyrics such as ‘we weren’t meant to live like this,’ and ‘I lost my mind, it’s all your fault!’

This record is sure to impress fans of Tiny Moving Parts, Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold, and anyone with a love/hate relationship with Philadelphia. You can stream the record on Bandcamp, and keep an eye out for more music from this awesome up-and-coming band!

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