Tall Bois – New Single by Jenn’s Apartment

Album Artwork by Jaren McNamara

Jan 17th – The pop-punk band Jenn’s Apartment released their newest single Tall Bois today, and we can’t stop listening! For fans of Weezer, Green Day, and Hot Rod Circuit, this is one song you’ll be singing all weekend.

Hailing from Lansing, MI, the 3-piece has been playing shows and releasing music for a few years now, and they continue to demonstrate their drive and musical prowess on their newest single. Through emotive lyricism, infectious guitar riffs, and pristine drum grooves, Tall Bois gives listeners a head-bopping homage to being head over heels for someone, with all the self-deprecation and dark humor the genre has to offer.

Whether or not you like ‘tall bois’, everyone should give this song a listen on Spotify, and check out the band on Facebook to see if they’re playing a show near you!

Happy Release Day, Jenn’s Apartment ❤

Cover image by Donte Smith

Photo credit: Donte Smith

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