Movie Star Handsome by All The Real Girls – Album Review

Album Artwork:
Design by Bradley James Lockhard
Illustrations by Ciara Sana Clark

Jan 15th – Put on your cowboy hats and square-dancing boots, because Seattle ‘country-gaze’ band All The Real Girls is serving up some perfectly country-infused indie rock on their new full length Movie Star Handsome, out February 21st.

Photo Credit: Ocea Davis

At first glance, Movie Star Handsome appears to be a 100% country Western music album- and it’s true that the record draws heavily on that sound, but non-fans of the genre shouldn’t be so quick to write the new release off. While the album retains that signature country melancholy tone, the release covers all the ups and downs you could ask for: songs such as ‘Rob Me Blind’ and ‘Do Your Worst’ tug directly at the heartstrings, while songs like ‘Brother Brian’ make you want to jump up and dance, and the title track ‘Movie Star Handsome’ will make you nostalgic for a lost love. Featuring not only the standard drum kit and guitar, but trumpet, saxophone, organ, piano, and harmonicas throughout the album, Movie Star Handsome goes above and beyond to make this their most special release to date.

From the album comes three singles, ‘Rob Me Blind’, ‘Your Favorite Songs’, and their newest single, ‘Movie Star Handsome’, all of which are out now, and can be streamed on the band’s Spotify.

Movie Star Handsome is a bright, upbeat collection of tightly woven and cohesive tracks, with dynamic lyricism and brilliant songwriting. The unique and exciting nature of this release is sure to place All The Real Girls at the top of your playlists, and keep you listening until the cows come home.

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Cover image photo credit: Hamilton Boyce

Photo Credit: Julian Hill

Upcoming All The Real Girls Shows:

Feb 21st — The Swiss — Tacoma, WA

Feb 20th — River City Saloon — Hood River, OR

March 5th — The Sunset — Seattle, WA (Album release show)

Congrats on the upcoming album, All The Real Girls ❤

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