Lost Holiday – New Single by Pablo Paddy

Dec 19th – Toronto-based indie-rockers Pablo Paddy released the new single ‘Lost Holiday’ earlier this month, just in time for the winter months of celebration – but as the title suggests, ‘Lost Holiday’ is not about the cheer of the season.

Pablo Paddy is the project of solo-artist-turned-frontman Patrick Beedling, and ‘Lost Holiday’ marks the band’s second single, behind ‘Need To Know’. The song is about the challenges experienced by immigrants in Canada, from financial to emotional hardships, and aims to bring light to the kind of struggles faced by many of the country’s immigrants, particularly this time of year. Latin influences can be found in the guitar and drums of the verses of the song, joining the indie rock elements to create a unique blend of sound and emotion, and as the song progresses, so does the intensity, beginning with a modest verse and finishing with a powerful chorus and guitar solo.

‘Lost Holiday’ is a striking reminder that not everyone is celebrating this holiday season, and that we must keep others in mind as we enjoy our time with family and friends. You can stream this single on Pablo Paddy’s Spotify and Bandcamp, and follow the band on Facebook to stay up-to-date on everything they have going on!

Photo Credit: Mike Ford

Featured article photo by Brandes Struger-Kalkman

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