The Monarch Key – New LP by Mother Mariposa

Photo Credit: Blake Sourisseau

Dec 5th – Pacific North West locals Mother Mariposa just released their debut full length ‘The Monarch Key’, and it’s an ethereal experience for the dancer in all of us.

The collection of 7 shoegaze songs is a dynamic example of creativity, passion, and a love of music. Ranging from upbeat and energetic to thoughtful and melancholic, ‘The Monarch Key’ is guaranteed to have something for everyone, but particularly for fans of bands such as The Dandy Warhols (a member of which, Peter Holmstrom, contributed to this album) and the Flaming Lips.

Whether you’re ready to be moved to dancing, or moved to tears, ‘The Monarch Key’ has got you covered. You can check out the music video to the single ‘Pilot Light’ below, and follow the band on Facebook here!

Album Artwork by Madrona Redhawk

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