‘I Promise, I’m Lying’ – New Single and Music Video by Pollyanna

Nov 20th – New Jersey indie-pop-rockers Pollyanna are here to bring you a little bit of summer in the Fall! Their new single ‘I Promise, I’m Lying’, released on November 18th, is an upbeat, electric ode to waiting by the phone, and we can’t get enough!

‘I Promise, I’m Lying’ is catchy, bouncy, and perfect for any of the jealous partners out there waiting for their significant other to call them back. The happy-pop sensibilities pair against the dark angst of the song’s lyrical content in a stark contrast that brings to mind the ‘After Laughter’ era of Paramore, and the progression of the story- from someone desperate not to be the ‘crazy girlfriend’ to someone owning their jealousy- is one almost everyone can relate to.

Pop and rock fans alike will find something special in this 3-piece’s newest offering, and Pollyanna is sure to stay on your radar for a long time. The band is embarking on a tour in December, and you can find a compete list of dates below, as well as the music video for ‘I Promise, I’m Lying’!

Check the band out on Spotify and Facebook!

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