There’s Always More Show EP by Molly O/Malley- Music Review

EP Art by Alyssa Eidam

Oct 25th – Louisville, KY local Molly O’Malley released the EP There’s Always More Show today, and it is 15 minutes of indie pop magic.

The release marks the first full band EP of O’Malley’s solo project, and contains four tracks of equal parts dark, melodic, passionate, and honest. O’Malley’s vocals effortlessly drift across the songs, while hypnotizing guitar riffs dance from track to track. ‘Leetlow’, a standout from the record, drips with drama and early 20’s angst as O’Malley sings, ‘I lost my religion / in the backseat of your car / I lost myself again’ and ‘as long as you leave the light on, I’ll probably stay coming home’. Her deeply emotional lyrics are one of the best parts of this record- almost every line comes to you wrapped in pop sensibilities and tattoo-ready.

Overall, this record is one for the playlists (the good ones, the ones you send to your crush to show off your killer music taste). It’s a must-hear this weekend, and a must-sing-along for your next car ride. You can listen to There’s Always More Show on Molly O’Malley’s Spotify here and follow her on Facebook here!

Happy release day, Molly O’Malley! ❤

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