The Retinas LP- Music Review

Photo Credit – CJ Harvey

Oct 25th – Philadelphia indie rockers The Retinas released their eponymous LP today, and we are here for it! Listeners can expect a dynamic, passionate collection of songs from this record, good for everything from introspection to your next party playlist.

The record is 11 high energy, emotion-packed tracks long, and features stellar songwriting and musicianship from each of the three-piece’s members. Some stand-out tracks from the front half include the indie-movie-soundtrack-esque ‘Big Fish’, and ‘In a Box’, which has one of the gnarliest guitar solos you’ll hear this year. ‘Fix That Up’, previously released as a single, shines in the context of the rest of the album, and the light-hearted ‘Vote for Pedro’ breaks up some of the more melancholy tones of the other songs.

The Retinas does not slow down after the first half- ‘Step Up Kid’ is an anthemic song with a big chorus and soaring guitar lines. ‘Gotta Get Back’ is for the punk in all of us: fast, loud, and with pounding drums. The last track, ‘Family Ties’, closes out the album with a reflective, building piece, with emotive lyricism and more of the explosive guitar soloing The Retinas are so good at.

For anyone who needs a good-old-fashioned dose of indie rock this weekend, put The Retinas in your rotation. The album is guaranteed not to disappoint. You can find the album streaming on the band’s Spotify here, and follow The Retinas on Facebook here!

Happy release day to The Retinas! ❤

The Retinas are currently touring, and a complete list of dates can be found below!

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