Blue Glass Release New Single ‘You Won’t Stay’ – Music News

Single Artwork: Michael Shunk

Seattle, WA – October 18th, PNW’s own Blue Glass released their single ‘You Won’t Stay’ from their previously released album Pale Mirror.

‘You Won’t Stay’ is a warm, post-punk anthem to fear, longing, love, and indecision. Blue Glass’s front man and songwriter Michael Shunk, on trying to define the song, said, ”You Won’t Stay’ is my personal ‘Don’t Worry, Baby’…Romantic abstraction, longing, deluded and stubborn sentimentality that both sustains and rots. Macho, boyish, precocious and possessive.’

For fans of The Cure, New Order, The Church, or Aztec Camera, you’ll have no trouble sinking into this song with a cup of tea and a side of melancholy. ‘You Won’t Stay’ easily captures something deep and enticing that will have you hitting ‘repeat’ for days.

You can check out the song on Blue Glass’ Spotify, and follow the band on Facebook to keep up with everything they have coming out!

Artist: Mel Prest Photographer: John Janca

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