SHARK LEGS – ‘Mancheetah’ Music Video

A vibrantly blue-toned image of the three musicians in the band SHARKLEGS, crossing their arms and looking dramatically off into the distance. 'SHARKLEGS' is written in a yellow 70's groovy font style across the image.
Photo by Rachel Bennet

Seattle rockers SharkLegs released their music video for the new song ‘Mancheetah’ last week, featuring a whole slew of fellow Washington musician friends. The music video, directed and edited by Ryan Villasanti, and Director of Photography Matt Sesslar, operating as a team under ‘The Wanderous’, guest stars members of bands such as Antonioni, Summond By Giants, Fruit  Juice, MONSTERWATCH, Porn Bloopers, and Dreamcatchr, all auditioning to be America’s next great shark. Check it out below!

SharkLegs is a psych pop trio that has crafted their own take on the traditional pop formula. Drawing on a host of influences the band explores the boundaries of pop music. Experimenting with multiple genres and adding their own ‘psychedel-ish’ twist to the mix, SharkLegs produces something new and exciting. Their gritty, squelching synthesizers and audibly effected guitars/vocals complement their melodic, well-crafted songs. On stage, the band brings their music to life with a high-energy live show that rarely fails to get the crowd moving.

SharkLegs first released the song ‘Mancheetah’ in September 2018, after it was recorded earlier that year at Mysterious Red X in Seattle, WA by Rick Hoag.  When it was time to come up with the music video, the trio conceptualized and produced the idea themselves before handing it off to The Wanderous team to be filmed and edited.  The bands says the idea came to them one day at their practice space, and that they wanted to find a fun, entertaining way of featuring all of their music friends.

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