Capo Fest 2019 – A Day of Midwest DIY

MARCH 13TH – CHICAGO, IL Twitter user @DiplomacyPanda announced the first ever Capo Fest 2019, set to take place at the Panda Palace on June 22. The fest features notable DIY indie/emo rock bands from all across the country, but especially Midwest staples such as Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Minnesota.

As far as the lineup goes, if you’ve been paying attention at all to the DIY scene on Twitter, you’ll recognize at least a few names – including Absinthe Father, who runs the popular Twitter account ‘This Band Fucks” in addition to their musical endeavors. Another band on the lineup, Minneapolis-based rockers niiice., has been making a name for themselves across the country with their latest EP release ‘Never Better’ and a recent East Coast tour.

And even if you’re planning on going to Capo Fest having never heard of anyone, there’s bound to be someone among the myriad of talented acts playing that you can jam to. Especially celebrated in the DIY music scene is the diversity in paths and backgrounds that people come from, and Capo Fest takes this seriously. The fest was planned with special consideration to diversity, particularly in regards to acts that include non-men and members of the LGBTQ+. Capo Fest is shaping up to be not only a day of music, but a place for everyone to hang out, jam out, and feel safe, respected, and at home.

In true DIY style, this show is based out of a DIY venue – so DM or ask a friend for the address. And while you count down the days until June 22nd, check out the bands and musicians who are gearing up to play! Everyone on the roster is worth the time to check out at least their top song on Spotify, and you might find some music you really click with. We’ll see you at the gig!

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