Album Review – “Stuffed & Ready” by Cherry Glazerr



Album artwork for Cherry Glazerr’s 3rd full length ‘Stuffed and Ready’



Between the lack of sun and the Seasonal Affective Disorder, this time of year can be trying for some – luckily, LA indie rockers Cherry Glazerr have just the thing to complement the darkness and surreality you might be experiencing: ‘Stuffed & Ready’.

As the band’s third full length, released February 8th, 2019, ‘Stuffed & Ready‘ spares no one from it’s dominating guitar riffs, to-die-for hooks, and lead singer / guitarist Clementine Creevy’s heartbreaking vocals. Breathy, shimmery choruses from Creevy melt over jagged, punk rock soundscapes, unstoppable and addictive. Creevy’s dramatic, emphatic lyricism seems to appeal to both the power and the vulnerability of young adulthood, at the same time begging for answers as shouting ‘fuck you’. The record reads less like a body of music and more like a candid conversation with LA’s melocholy queen, laying her secrets out before us, knowing that we have the same skeletons in our closets as her. Truly, there are no complex themes or rocket-science involved – her lyrics are stark in nature, and for that reason carry a relateable truth. “Daddi“, especially, is written with a handful of verses and choruses, and still stands out as one of the powerhouses of the album, seeming to illustrate the struggle between reliance on authority and the patriarchy, and wanting independence, freedom, and separation from the same entity.

Drummer Tabor Allen and bassist Devin O’Brien don’t hold anything back, either. Allen’s drum beats flow through the record with stunning accuracy in timing and musical support- every hit seems entirely deliberate and intentional, meant to the guide the energy of each track through certain ups and downs. O’Brien’s bass, too, punctuates the wall of sound from the deeper frequencies with intention and heart, leaving nothing to be desired. In ‘Juicy Socks’, especially, one of my  favorite songs off the album, the music comes together, perfectly, as only seasoned musicians and artists know how to, each instrument blending in just the right way with the next to create something unique and exciting from Cherry Glazerr.

Overall, the record was cohesive, compelling, and original. Each song was unexpected and filled with energy, emotion, and passion. The band definitely delivered on their latest effort, and deserve all the hype they can get for it. Cherry Glazerr is currently on tour, and if they’re coming to a city near you, I would definitely recommend checking them out.

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