Review – ‘It’s a Process’ by Say Anything


It’s true… Say Anything is calling it quits. However, as a parting gift, the band is releasing one last record titled ‘Oliver Appropriate’, and songs have been quietly being released since August. The latest single to come off the record is ‘It’s a Process’, released Friday, October 26th. The track is a dark, beat-driven song that reeks of heartache, resentment, cynicism, and snark – classic Say Anything.

Vocalist Max Bemis starts the track with a biting verse – ‘Never earned the key so I’m knocking, now you’re home, my liver tells me so’ – and music you can’t help but move along to. The drums are infectious, and the guitars are signature Say Anything, bordering on experimental sounds at some points, but still easy to listen to. The song builds to a chorus, in which Bemis laments, ‘What does he got that I don’t?’ over and over again, and then finally ‘All I know you’ll never love me’. The lyrics are dark and the music is dancey – the perfect combination.

Overall, this song is another in a handful of singles released by Say Anything that suggest ‘Oliver Appropriate’ is going to be everyone’s AOTY in 2019. I can’t wait for the release of the record, and until then, I’ll be listening to all of these songs on loop to tide me over. If you haven’t heard ‘Daze’ or ‘Pink Snot’ you can follow the Spotify links below!



Pink Snot

It’s a Process

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