SHARK LEGS – ‘Mancheetah’ Music Video

Seattle rockers SharkLegs released their music video for the new song ‘Mancheetah’ last week, featuring a whole slew of fellow Washington musician friends. The music video, directed and edited by Ryan Villasanti, and Director of Photography Matt Sesslar, operating as a team under ‘The Wanderous’, guest stars members of bands such as Antonioni, Summond By Giants, Fruit  Juice, MONSTERWATCH, Porn Bloopers, and Dreamcatchr, all auditioning … Continue reading SHARK LEGS – ‘Mancheetah’ Music Video

‘Barriers’ by Frank Iero and the Future Violents – Review

     Last Friday, Frank Iero and The Future Violents released the full-length record Barriers, a 14-track collection of songs that will make you kick, cry, scream- and everything in between.     The record starts with a slow, deliberate song titled ‘A New Day’s Coming.’ It’s a melancholy opener, so if you came for something with a little more heat, don’t let it scare you off. The next … Continue reading ‘Barriers’ by Frank Iero and the Future Violents – Review

Half-Access Fundraiser Announced – Access Live

On May 29th, the non-profit Half-Access, an organization geared towards making live music accessible for those with disabilities, announced their first ever Access Live fundraiser, which will take place on July 14th, and feature musicians performing live via Facebook and Instagram in order to raise awareness for H/A. Half-Access is based out of Portland, OR and fights ableism in live music by pushing access for … Continue reading Half-Access Fundraiser Announced – Access Live

Midwest DIY’s Adeline Menchaca – Interview

Capo Fest is just around the corner (three weeks to be exact) and music fans around the Midwest are practically shaking with anticipation. Amid the excitement and stress of hosting a 24-band house show, festival founder and general DIY-er Adeline Menchaca was kind enough to answer some questions about experiences with her local scene, music as a community, and what it’s like to Do It … Continue reading Midwest DIY’s Adeline Menchaca – Interview

No Plug. – Interview and EP Review

Portland, OR locals No Plug. have been writing and performing music for a while, but the band is taking it to a new level with the release of their EP, ‘U don’t care, U should’, out April 5th. Austin Frost, frontman and lead composer of the alternative group, was able to answer some questions for Alternative Sound, and talk about the new release, what it’s … Continue reading No Plug. – Interview and EP Review

‘Bad Animals’ – Interview and Feature

SEATTLE, WA – The indie rock / punk band ‘Bad Animals’ is releasing their debut full length record ‘All The Shakes’ on Tuesday, March 26th, and we couldn’t be more excited for them! In honor of their big release, Alternative Sound caught up with the band and had the chance to review their new release, and to talk with them about their new music, influences, … Continue reading ‘Bad Animals’ – Interview and Feature

Capo Fest 2019 – A Day of Midwest DIY

MARCH 13TH – CHICAGO, IL Twitter user @DiplomacyPanda announced the first ever Capo Fest 2019, set to take place at the Panda Palace on June 22. The fest features notable DIY indie/emo rock bands from all across the country, but especially Midwest staples such as Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Minnesota. As far as the lineup goes, if you’ve been paying attention at all to the … Continue reading Capo Fest 2019 – A Day of Midwest DIY