Blue Glass Release New Single ‘You Won’t Stay’ – Music News

Seattle, WA – October 18th, PNW’s own Blue Glass released their single ‘You Won’t Stay’ from their previously released album Pale Mirror. ‘You Won’t Stay’ is a warm, post-punk anthem to fear, longing, love, and indecision. Blue Glass’s front man and songwriter Michael Shunk, on trying to define the song, said, ”You Won’t Stay’ is my personal ‘Don’t Worry, Baby’…Romantic abstraction, longing, deluded and stubborn … Continue reading Blue Glass Release New Single ‘You Won’t Stay’ – Music News

Thomas of The Retinas – Interview

Philadelphia, PA – East Coast rockers The Retinas are busy these days- from writing and performing music, to gearing up for a tour, to planning an album release, things are happening for them! But front man and guitarist / pianist Thomas took some time to answer some questions about everything the band has going on (including a release show on November 15th that everyone in … Continue reading Thomas of The Retinas – Interview

PAMPA Release ‘La Contumacia’ – Music News

Seattle, WA – Yesterday, October 11th, indie rockers PAMPA released their second full-length record La Contumacia, and we can’t get enough. La Contumacia (‘The Contumacy,” meaning “a stubborn refusal to obey or comply with authority”) is a dive into the world of one of the PNW’s most authentic bands, and the soft guitar and crooning vocals will have you thinking of introspection and far away … Continue reading PAMPA Release ‘La Contumacia’ – Music News

‘Settle In’ Single by Aaron Semer – Review

Friday, October 11th – Aaron Semer released the folk-y, punk-y, melanchol-y ‘Settle In’ today, the second single off his upcoming record which has been titled Cape Disappointment– but don’t let the name fool you; Semer’s thoughtful lyricism and warm, clear guitar chords make for music that is anything but a disappointment. ‘Settle In’ is a song about chasing your dreams while also being in a relationship with someone you … Continue reading ‘Settle In’ Single by Aaron Semer – Review

ORQID – Interview

October 1st, 2019 – Seattle-based musician Tom Butcher has been making music his whole life, and neither his talent nor his passion show any signs of slowing down. His latest project ORQID is set to hit the ground running with its debut album titled Tenderness, out November 15th, 2019. Between planning the release of his new record gearing up for the synth-enthusiast event ‘Velocity Seattle’ … Continue reading ORQID – Interview

SassyBlack ‘Ancient Mahogany Gold’ – LP Review

Seattle’s very own SassyBlack released her third full-length record titled ‘Ancient Mahogany Gold’ on September 13th, and we can’t get enough of it. Combining elements of psychedelic, jazz, and pop, SassyBlack delivers a rich collection of songs that guides you through an interstellar journey into her world – and beyond. It’s no secret that SassyBlack is a force to be reckoned with – as a … Continue reading SassyBlack ‘Ancient Mahogany Gold’ – LP Review

SHARK LEGS – ‘Mancheetah’ Music Video

Seattle rockers SharkLegs released their music video for the new song ‘Mancheetah’ last week, featuring a whole slew of fellow Washington musician friends. The music video, directed and edited by Ryan Villasanti, and Director of Photography Matt Sesslar, operating as a team under ‘The Wanderous’, guest stars members of bands such as Antonioni, Summond By Giants, Fruit  Juice, MONSTERWATCH, Porn Bloopers, and Dreamcatchr, all auditioning … Continue reading SHARK LEGS – ‘Mancheetah’ Music Video